Do, Move and Communicate

Cover of Do Move and Communicate

About the Book

 Do, Move and Communicate was spawned from the military phrase Shoot,  Move & Communicate which Joe became very familiar with during his 12  years in the military.  He tailored this philosophy to be a playbook  for any leader setting goals, leading projects, and accomplishing tasks  through teams.  Join Joe as he walks you through the nuts and bolts of  exactly how he leads teams to Do, Move and Communicate. 


"Having  worked with Joe Homan I can attest that Joe lives and breathes the Do,  Move, and Communicate concepts! Definitely worth reading." 

-Travis S 

"I loved  reading this book it has given me a good operations foundation for my  business and I look forward to reading more from Joe Homan in the future." -Shawn H

"I truly  enjoyed this book.  It has all of the necessary tools to assist any  people leader with insight into the inner working of team building as  well as an understanding on how to motivate your team and build their  trust in a positive manner."  -Anonymous