Introducing Fab beyond 50

In two weeks, I turn 50 years old. This is a landmark that I didn’t think I’d see. Some might think that I’m not happy to see it, but I’m ecstatic. I think 50 is a great age, therefore I want to look at all things 50 and beyond. Join me on this journey as we interview people of all ages and discover all that 50 and beyond has to offer.

50 miles, one day

50 before 50— On August 6th, Joe Homan, host of Fab Beyond 50, will attempt to walk 50 miles, the day before his 50th birthday. He will start in Green Lane, PA and walk to Penns Landing then through historic Philadelphia ending up at the famous Philadelphia Art Museum. Like our Facebook page and join us on the journey, as we post his progress and track how far Joe makes it!

Preparing for the 50 mile walk

In preparation for 50 before 50, Joe took on a 30 mile training walk last Saturday! The stats: 30 miles completed: 9 hours and 10 minutes of continuous walking in 90+ degree heat at 3.2 to 3.4 mph average. 59082 steps. Join us on August 6, as Joe walks 50 miles the day before his 50 birthday in 50 before 50! 

What is Fab Beyond 50?

Find out Fab Beyond 50 really means, and how you can interact with the show! We want to hear from you, send us your show ideas to

50 miles in one day= COMPLETE

Joe Homan took on the challenge to walk 50 miles in one day, the day before his 50th birthday. Take a look at Joe's journey from Green Lane PA, to the Philadelphia Art Museum!

John Freni Interview Trailer 1

John Freni and Joe Homan give you an inside look on what John finds the key to living a full life!

John Freni Interview Trailer 2

John Freni tells Joe about some of the best moments in his life

John Freni Interview Trailer 3

Whats the second most important thing to a man who has lived over 100 years? John Freni gives Joe some insight.

John Freni Interview Trailer 4

John Freni talks about doing for others and keeping with his theme of positivity. 

John Freni Interview Trailer 5

Whats John's earliest memory? Find out in this trailer!